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Let’s Talk Sweat…

You are not alone. Hyperhidrosis is a common condition where one experiences excessive sweating, profoundly impacting one’s self-consciousness. At DermaGlitz, we understand that increased perspiration can cause significant emotional and psychological impact and so we have the perfect treatment for that new confident sweat-free you.

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Procedure time

30-45 minutes



Duration of results

6-12 months


Prices from £300

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Hyperhidrosis treatment (‘Sweatox’) is a minimally-invasive procedure where Botulinum toxin is injected into sweat glands, blocking the release of acetycholine from the stimulated nerves which then temporarily reduces or abolishes sweat production.

This quick, effective treatment has become increasingly popular amongst a wide range of both male and female clients, including athletes, office workers and couples preparing for their wedding day.

After undertaking a detailed medical and aesthetic consultation, our highly-trained doctor can fully assess your areas of concern and expectations, to devise a treatment plan.

The treatment is typically not painful although localised discomfort may occur. Such symptoms can generally be controlled without the use of local anaesthetic.

Botulinum Toxin injections are generally viewed as a safe and effective treatment method, however as with all treatments they carry a degree of risk and complications.

Side effects are rare, however potential side-effects and risks will be discussed during your pre-treatment consultation.
All our cosmetic injections are safe, effective and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved.

The treatment usually takes effect within 72 hours after injection.

Such treatment generally lasts between 6-12 months, although such impact is multifactorial and varies amongst individuals. The frequency of further treatments is heavily dependent on how you react to the first, but this is usually recommended every 6-12 months as needed.

Suitability for this treatment will be assessed during your consultation. DermaGlitz cannot treat those who are pregnant or breastfeeding.