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“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”
-CoCo Chanel

As we age, there is a loss of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in our skin, giving a more saggy appearance. There is also a depletion of volume and suppleness which can be instantly restored with use of dermal fillers. At DermaGlitz, we believe balancing one’s features is key to achieve facial harmony.

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Procedure time

30-60 minutes



Duration of results

6-12 months


Price upon consultation

Treatment Areas

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Chin >

Jawline >

Nasolabial/ Marionette lines >

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Nose >

Tear-trough >

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Non-surgical cheek enhancement is a procedure where dermal fillers are used to restore volume and contour the cheeks without the need for surgery. These have become very popular as we are not all blessed with naturally-high cheekbones, and over time our mid-face experiences fat loss and bone resorption, hence losing its sculpted look.

Dermal filler can be injected directly above one’s cheek bones, to create a defined ‘V-shaped’ bone structure, as well as often helping to soften nasolabial folds from the nose to the mouth.


Chin fillers can be used to build up a small, weak chin, or to elongate one’s chin, and have hence become extremely popular over recent years. This simple, safe procedure can create significant impact by either slimming the face to give a more ‘V-shaped’ modelesque appearance, or by balancing one’s side profile.


A weak or changing jawline can affect one’s confidence, and can either be a genetic trait, or due to age as a result of loss of facial volume in the lower face, drooping of the overlying soft tissue, and loosening of the facial ligaments.

Dermal filler is very effective in both defining and enhancing the jawline, and is very popular amongst both male and female clients who wish to conceal ‘saggy jowls’, and male clients who wish to create a more masculine jawline structure. The jawline and mandibular angle can be accentuated with high-density dermal filler using the advanced, but very safe, cannula technique.

Nasolabial/ Marionette lines

Nasolabial folds are the deep lines which traverse from both sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth. Marionette lines are long vertical wrinkles that run down from the corners of the lips to the chin, giving a sad appearance.

Both these lines can occur with age, genetics and smoking, and can progress to later form jowls in the lower face. Dermal fillers can hence be used to even out the skin volume, giving a smoother and more refreshed look.


Thin vertical lines around the mouth, also known as smokers’ lines, occur due to smoking or with age, due to the loss of collagen. They are often treated with anti-wrinkle injections, as this helps to relax the muscle, however dermal filler treatment is required for deeper lines.


The non-surgical nose job (or rhinoplasty) has become increasingly popular due to the radical results which can be achieved, without the need for surgery. The specific technique used will be specifically tailored according to the client’s concerns. At DermaGlitz, various advanced techniques are adopted to address the client’s specific concerns, including straightening bumps on the nose, lifting the nasal tip, and creating a nasal bridge.

This is a transformative and cost-effective option for those wishing to change the shape of their nose without any surgery. It is often combined with chin filler treatment to fully balance one’s side profile.


The tear-trough treatment can eradicate the dark circles and under eye hollows which give one a tired and aged appearance. These can occur with age due to the loss of soft tissue volume, and can also be brought on by stress, genetics, dehydration and a lack of sleep.

At DermaGlitz, the cannula technique is used to deliver instant results whilst maximising safety and efficiency, leaving you feeling more radiant and rejuvenated.


One of the first ‘tell-tale signs’ of ageing are one’s hands, due to a combination of wrinkles, wasting of the subcutaneous tissues and more visible veins and tendons.

At DermaGlitz, we can bring back your youthful hands in a simple and almost painlessly manner, by injecting dermal filler very superficially into the hands, which restores volume loss and smoothens out wrinkles.


Dermal fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally-occurring sugar chain molecule found in all skin and soft tissues throughout the body. When injected into the skin, it attracts and binds to water, providing volume and hydration, hence smoothing lines and wrinkles, modelling your profile or providing your lips with a fuller appearance.

Dermal fillers can be used to restore your youthful look, as well as to enhance your existing facial features. At DermaGlitz, we also offer full facial sculpting as we believe balance is key to achieve facial harmony and creating subtle, long-lasting results.

After undertaking a detailed medical and aesthetic consultation, our highly-trained doctor can fully assess your desires and expectations, to devise a treatment plan which leaves you feeling rejuvenated and more confident.

Most leading brands of dermal filler contain local anaesthetic to provide pain relief during the procedure, and we can also apply a topical anaesthetic cream prior to treatment to numb the skin if desired. The procedure may be uncomfortable, but it is not usually painful. Certain areas, such as the lips, are known to be more sensitive.

Please inform your medical consultant if you have a needle phobia, prior to your appointment.

Dermal fillers are generally viewed as a safe and effective treatment method, however as with all treatments they carry a degree of risk and complications. Common side effects include, but are not limited to:

  • Pain or a stinging sensation during the injection
  • Localised bleeding, swelling, bruising or tenderness
  • Itching or numbness

Further potential side-effects and risks will be discussed during your pre-treatment consultation. All our cosmetic injections are safe, effective and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved.

Specific anatomical landmarks and safe techniques are adopted to ensure these treatments are safe and effective, as well as to minimise discomfort.

The results of the treatment are immediate. Although longevity varies between both products and individuals, results usually last between 6-12 months, although can last up to 18 months.

Such treatment generally lasts between 6-12 months, although this varies significantly according to the area treated and amongst individuals. The frequency of further treatments is heavily dependent on how you react to the first, but this is usually recommended every 6-12 months as needed. If you choose not to maintain the results with further treatments, your skin will return to its ‘pre-treatment state’ over time.

Suitability for this treatment will be assessed during your consultation. DermaGlitz cannot treat those who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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